Day Services Safety Plan

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Hamaspik of Orange County, Inc., an independent member agency of New York State Hamaspik Association (NYSHA, Inc.), is a non-profit organization providing essential health and human services with compassionate care and personalized attention for people in need and their families.

Hamaspik of Orange County delivers needed supports and services with utmost respect and dignity, enabling individuals to make their own choices and enjoy the highest quality of life.

From assisting a senior citizen with difficulty of walking, finding placement for a newborn with Down’s Syndrome, referring therapists for a middle-aged mother after a stroke, arranging appropriate care for youth at risk or promoting employment for people in distress – Hamaspik is your optimal choice for maximum results.

Hamaspik staff members go through vigorous testing and training before entering the job, and they work diligently in a spirit of mutual respect and loving kindness. Our staff will assist you in assessing your criteria levels and meeting all requirements as needed.

Remember, in every program and at all times, Hamaspik of Orange County is driven by the promise of every family’s future, accompanied with outmost respect for each and every person served – who’s our only focus and is always right.

Hamaspik of Orange County, Inc.
1 Hamaspik Way
Monroe NY 10950
Tel: (845) 774-8400
Fax: (845) 782-2107