Day Services Safety Plan

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Hamaspik is a NYS-certified non-profit tax-exempt corporation [501(c)(3)].

Your tax-deductible contribution to Hamaspik will help us continue to help hundreds of individuals with special needs and their families, and we appreciate your assistance to this great cause.

We are in need of computer and office supplies in good condition, we do not accept money donations we act as an intermediate to obtain and distribute donations such as computers exercise equipment or pay for a consumer specific vacation etcas well as health care or therapy equipment and related items. Money donations are not preferred at this time.

Hamaspik will arrange shipping and handling for donated items, and pay S/H as well, if you want. You will receive an official receipt promptly for the fair value of your donation.

For more information about donating valuable goods to Hamaspik, call our toll-free line 1-888-343-8185.