Day Services Safety Plan

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Family Reimbursment (FSS)

Family Support Service program provides reimbursement for families that care at home for a family member with a developmental disability. This program is only to those families who continue to care for their family member with a developmental disability in their own family setting. 

Due to the exceptional high financial outlays and physical and emotional challenges from the complex task of supporting the needs of these individuals, the families seek some resources to assist them with their heavy burden.

This program assists the families by reimbursing them annually for items that are not covered through Medicaid or any other resources such as therapeutic items, clothing, furniture, toys, vitamins, therapeutic horseback riding, swimming and doctors visits not covered under Medicaid such as nutritionists, chiropractors, etc.

The process for selecting applicants is through the review of a self standing committee which consists of agency representatives, professionals, parents of children with disabilities as well as a community liaison who’s involved in other volunteer projects. The applicant, their family member or advocate will be invited to attend this committee meeting.