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Care at Home

What is a waiver?

The federal government “waives” certain rules enabling New York to select a portion of the population to receive specialized services not available to all Medicaid recipients.

What is Care at Home?

Hamaspik has developed “Care at Home” to provide a cost affective, community based, alternative to placement in a hospital or nursing facility, specifically for families who are ineligible for Medicaid due to high income and/or resources. This program provides comprehensive individualized help to enable families bring home their physically disabled child from a hospital or nursing home.


The CAH Waiver applicant must:

  1. Be under 18 years of age,
  2. Reside in New York State,
  3. Have had a 30-day hospital stay (continuous or within a 90 day period),
  4. Be ineligible for Medicaid,
  5. Be physically disabled (per SSI reg.),
  6. Need a nursing “level of care”, and
  7. Choose and be able to live at home.

Services Available

Families determined eligible for Care at Home are provided any or all of the services below, based on a personalized budget/needs plan.

  • Nursing – provides a skilled nurse in the child’s residence for up to 18 hours per day.
  • Service Coordination – A Hamaspik staff coordinator is designated as the child’s service coordinator to identify eligible resources and services, implement and maintain them, and advocate on the child’s behalf.
  • Environmental Modification – provides for renovations in the child’s residence, as well as one parent-owned vehicle to promote independence and ensure safety.
  • Respite – provides short term relief to parents and care-givers.
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies – provides durable and non-durable equipment as needed.

For More Information about the Care at Home program, contact: Hamaspik Mrs. Preisler, CAH Waiver Coordinator (845) 356-8400 Ext. 210