Day Services Safety Plan

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Family Care

Home Family Care represents a very practical placement alternative, one that provides the consumer with a normal, though controlled, family atmosphere. Individuals with developmental disabilities are placed in warm, loving, understanding, fully equipped homes. 

Family care is a place of residence for individuals of all ages, ethnic, social, financial, and educational background who may have behavior needs, severe medical problems, technologically supported, diagnosed as “failure to thrive,” with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), or non ambulatory. All of these individuals have experienced and benefitted from “family living” in our home family care program. 

This program represents one of the least restrictive and most independent living arrangements. It provides a first family for some individuals and an extended family for other individuals. It can provide a permanent home and contribute toward the total care and habilitation process for individuals with developmental disabilities or it may afford an individual the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for independent living. 

The needs, choices and preferences of individuals living in family care are no different than anyone else’s needs, choices or preferences. These individuals need a place to live, a place to learn and a place to work. They need love, support, guidance, friends, privacy, recreation and good physical, mental, and emotional health. They do not need to be isolated or feel that they are different. 

Family care provides these individuals with an opportunity to experience the warm, congenial atmosphere and understanding that comes from living an enriched life within a family.