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Parental Retreats

PROJECT RESET – Weekend Getaways for Parents of Special Needs Consumers

An experience of rejuvenation for body, mind and spirit with specialized training both spiritually and educationally for parents who have a child with a disability is the primary aim of Hamaspik’s PROJECT RESET (Rejuvenating Experience with Spiritual and Educational Training).

The idea behind this project is for parents to RESET in every sense of the word; RESET their stigma from one of shame and loneliness in an unknown world they were thrown into by the birth of their child with disabilities to one of pride and joy by resetting their views for a more hopeful future where everything is a possibility.

Project Reset provides parents with an unforgettable experience in friendships bonded with trust and unity, which was never before available to them. Parents meet with other parents who are in the same or similar situation and have the opportunity of sharing their experiences, knowledge, tips, difficulties, success stories, and other situations they found themselves in, with people who really understand. PROJECT RESET is available to all parents of children receiving services from any one of our Hamaspik agencies throughout New York State.

Project Reset was created and designed specifically for parent by parents with the idea of uniting those who are going through the difficulties of raising a child with special needs. These getaways provide opportunities for parents to remove themselves from daily stresses associated with raising a disabled child and revel in the undivided attention and royal treatment they are getting at the resort.

  • Project Reset provides chartered bus transportation for the families to the location. Ambullete transportation with wheelchair lift will be provided as needed.
  • Project Reset includes reservations for two nights / three days in a hotel that is wheelchair accessible.
  • Project Reset provides three kosher meals daily for the families with a 24-hour tearoom for snacks and drinks. Special arrangements and orders are made for those individuals who are on a special diet.
  • Project Reset makes arrangements for staff to be on sight to provide respite and an exciting program. Activities include swimming and other things of interest that are available in the hotel. Reservations will be made for private rooms where these activities will be held.
  • Project Reset offers a choice of sessions of interest for parents to attend, including educational lectures on various topics regarding different disabilities, dealing with daily stress and management, programs and supports available to the developmentally disabled population, community integration and involvement, support groups where parents can share their stories and ideas. Inspirational lectures provide parents with the necessary support to be able to continue caring for their child with renewed hopes and strength.
  • Project Reset offers a complete program set up for the parents with different activities that will give them the opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate and reset. This includes different techniques and treatments for stress reduction and relaxation like yoga, exercise, massages, hydrotherapy and swimming.
  • Project Reset will ensure that parents return home RESET in every way, with renewed energy, renewed hope, renewed awareness, renewed spirits, and most of all everlasting friendships.

Since Hamaspik created this program in 2004, PROJECT RESET hosted annual spectacular events for special parents and their children. They were held in March 2004, May 2005 and March of 2006. Our goal is to be able to include all parents who have a child with special needs living at home. The parents look forward to this retreat and are now depending of it for surviving the challenges of raising their child.